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Best Kayak Fishing Paddles for 2020. 

Kayak fishing paddles tend to be of different lengths, weights, and shapes. It is because kayaks used for fishing are on the more substantial and broader side than their counterparts.  

Once you figure out which kayak is best, you can move on to paddles. The right paddle will allow you to access every fishing hole with the proper propulsion.

Kayak fishing also requires you to be out in the waters for long periods. 

Therefore you need something that will be the right balance of weight and functionality.  

If you have been on the hunt for the best kayak fishing paddles, you have come to the right place.  These paddles are definitely among the 5 Things You MUST HAVE to Start Kayak Fishing.

We put kayak fishing paddles to the test

A couple of buddies and I put to the test ten of the fishing paddles on the Snake River, Idaho. If you know anything about this river, it has some serious hydropower that can challenge your skills – and the gear.

It also has a number of water conditions that suit beginners as well as advanced paddlers.  

So you can bet your bottom dollar that these paddles were pushed to their limits. Allow me to present…

The best kayak fishing paddles for 2020, along with the results.  

Bending Branches Angler Classic Paddle. 


This paddle from one of the most credible companies comes with the right blend of excellent features and a great performance. Let’s look at the features of this classic paddle. 


The Angler Classic is made of fiberglass and nylon, which makes it extremely strong and durable. The strong shaft, combined with the low paddle design gives you excellent control irrespective of the water depth.  

It glides effortlessly in the water, so you don’t have to exert a lot of pressure, which was impressive.

Navigating among the rocky shores or coming across an occasional tree branch was a piece of cake.  

Another feature of the Bending Branches paddles that makes them stand out is the three-hole snap-button.

This allows you to customize the paddle to any angle to suit your skills. You can adjust the blade angle anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees with ease.  

The built-in hook retrieval at the end of the right paddle is also a feature you will love. Of course, you cannot miss the tape measure throughout the length of the paddle shaft for measuring the size of your catch.

These seemingly small but essential features allow you to make the most out of your gear while also eliminating the need to have multiple gears on the boat.  

This paddle is lightweight as well, weighing in at 34 oz. It also comes in a number of sizes, which makes it suitable for kayakers of any height or the width of the fishing kayak.  

Why Bending Branches Angler Classic makes it to our list.   

The Angler Classic navigates in rough waters with minimal effort. It is customizable, and the control it provides to the paddler is unrivaled, which is one of the reasons that made us include it on our list.  

Perception Kayaks Pescador. 


This is a heavy-duty paddle that is made of plastic while the shaft is of aluminum. It combines excellent performance and durability quite seamlessly.  


The Perception Pescador is a champ at propelling even the bulkiest kayaks with ease. Its dihedral blade enables an effortless and stealthy ride irrespective of the water depth and surface.

This is an excellent feature as fishing kayaks tend to be a lot heavier than those that are used for recreational purposes.  

I dare say, this paddle is the best one for flatwater fishing out of all the paddles that we tested.  

The robustness of the paddle will delight anglers who are not the most graceful in their fishing adventures — snagged your lines while battling with your catch? The integrated hook on the blade will come to your rescue. 

Adjusting the shaft to suit your preference is easy as well. The length can be adjusted from 230 cm to 240 cm using the push-button ferrule. The measuring tape on the shaft is another feature that you will love.  

Weighing in at 34 oz, the Pescador is as lightweight as they come. You will have no problem paddling and scouting the best fishing holes for hours without exertion.  

Why Perception Kayaks Pescador makes it to our list.   

The propulsion and the robustness of this paddle is one of the best we have seen in any paddle.

It handles rough terrain with ease and can withstand some serious beating, which is some of the reasons why it made it on our list of the best kayak fishing paddles for 2020.  

Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Angler Paddle. 


Do you enjoy taking your fishing adventures from unchartered waters to the calm fishing holes? This well-built paddle from one of the best companies in the kayak industry will fulfill all your needs and then some.  


The fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blade and the fiberglass shaft combination make this paddle a brute on the water.

Changing the directions of the boat requires only the slightest effort from you as maneuvering this paddle is straightforward. 

The easy maneuvering and control come from the spoon-shaped blade. The paddles make excellent contact with the water with every stroke, so you gain more control and confidence.  

The shaft of the Predator also has a unique feature. It is slightly oval in outline as opposed to the traditional round shape. You will have no problem finding your rhythm while gripping this shaft.

Another advantage of this design is that it prevents exertion, which is excellent when you are paddling at a stretch.  

It comes with a built-in hook retrieval node in the blade, which makes recovering a snagged line very easy. The Predator also comes in three different sizes, which range from 230 cm to 250 cm for added convenience.  

Apart from its stellar performance on the water, this paddle comes in a number of camouflaged designs to complement your flair and personal appeal.  

Why Carlisle Predator makes it to our list.  

The stout design of the Predator makes it ideal for fishing in any type of water. The addition of a number of unique features on the blade and the shaft makes it a top performer.  

Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus. 


This is another excellent paddle from Bending Branches. It is quite similar to the Angler Classic in terms of design, but does it perform the same or better, perhaps? Find out below. 


This paddle is one of the lightest among all the fishing paddles that we tested. At 31 oz, you would be forgiven for suspecting that it comes at the expense of performance.

The Ace Plus works efficiently and allows excellent control in the water. It is due to the use of carbon fiber in the shaft and the carbon-reinforced nylon in the blades. 

This lightweight property is an advantage when you have to be out fishing for the whole day on the water. You will love the fact that it does not put a lot of strain on your body.

Another huge bonus that comes with this lightweight paddle is that making quick adjustments in fast-moving waters is a child’s play.  

Similar to the Angler classic, it features a three-hole adjustment on the shaft ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. Use this feature to change the blade offset as well as the paddle length very conveniently.  

It also comes with a tape measure on the shaft as well as a hook retrieval system on the blade. These are two features of paddles from Bending Branches, which makes me come back to the brand repeatedly.  

Why the Angler Ace Plus from bending Branches makes it to our list.   

The Ace Plus is lightweight, yet firm and durable. It facilitates long fishing adventures with ease and is definitely a winner in our books.  

Werner Camano Hooked Paddle. 


If you love to fish for a long time at a stretch, you will like this super lightweight paddle. You do need some tinge of expertise to maneuver with this paddle, but it doesn’t require a lot of practice.   


The fiberglass blades and the carbon blend shaft is what makes this paddle lightweight and unrivaled in performance.  

The blades of this paddle are quite small in comparison to others on our list.

The size, along with low-angle, delivers a powerful stroke with every move.

Maneuvering the boat even in fast-moving waters is easy, and you will find great control as well. This paddle can be adjusted up to 20 cm so you can customize it to suit your height and the size of the kayak.  

One of the features which make this paddle really special is the locking system. It has a lever lock system, so opening the lever and closing it is quite easy and convenient.

This hooked paddle works for every paddling technique, but advanced paddlers can benefit the most while using this paddle.  

This paddle also comes in a variety of colors with fish scale designs, which makes it interesting. You can also choose from different lengths, which range from 230 cm to 260 cm. 

Why the Werner Camano makes it to our list.   

We loved the medium-sized blade, which offers a delicate balance between swing weight, performance, and durability. This hooked kayak paddle is definitely a favorite, and we had to include it on our list.  

Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle. 


The serrated edge of this paddle is enough to weaken the heart of an amateur. But one dip in the water, and it left a lasting impression on our team. The Assassin will take you from calm waters to fast-moving waters very effortlessly. 


Everything about this paddle is large and gnarly. From the oversized blades to the oversized hooks, it looks raw and unscripted. But the best part comes from its performance on and off the water. 

The fact that we could use the serrated edges to launch from the solid shore was impressive.

Made of ABS-injected nylon, this oversized blade delivers maximal glide even in fast-moving waters with ease.

The material used for its construction also makes it a champ when it comes to durability. 

The patented hook-and-teeth design matched up to a considerable amount of debris with unrivaled force. This unique feature also makes maneuvering in different waters very effortless.  

Another feature that had me floored was the oversized hook on the right paddle. Unlike other miniature hooks that are included in the paddles, this one is large.

It can be used for grabbing runaway decoys, grab a snagged line or even a tree limb.  

The shafts are made of carbon hybrid, which makes gripping a breeze. It comes in two lengths of 230 to 240 cm and 250 to 260 cm.  

The Assassin weighs in at 38 oz and 42 oz for the two adjustable lengths, respectively. It is by no means heavy, but you might struggle to use it for long hours at a stretch.

This, however, did not diminish our admiration for the paddle at all. It also comes with drip rings, which is an added bonus.  

Why the BackwaterAssassin makes it to our list. 

The Assassin is definitely the big daddy of all the paddles that we tested out. From landing and taking off on solid surfaces to the oversized paddles and hooks, there is nothing to critique about it.   

Bending Branches Angler Scout


This is another excellent fishing paddle from Bending Branches. The Angler Scout has every feature that you would expect from a paddle for fishing, and it does not disappoint.  


The aluminum shaft, as well as the reinforced fiberglass blade, makes the Angler Scout lightweight, durable, and excellent entry-level fishing gear.

The robust blade can take some beating without compromising its functionality or durability.  

Similar to other paddles from the brand, it has a three-hole snap-button ferrule. You can easily customize the paddles between different angles ranging from 0 to 60 degrees.

It is a great fishing paddle for different paddling techniques, as well as the size of the paddler and the boat.  

The paddles are the right size, which allows maximum contact with water, so you get excellent control as well as maneuverability. The Angular Scout is a perfect paddle for those who are new to the sport for this reason alone.  

Of course, it also comes with an integrated measuring tape, which eliminates the need to have additional gear onboard the boat. You will also love the hook retrieval notch, so you don’t lose your catch due to a snagged line. 

Another feature that we loved about the Angular Scout is that paddles can be separated from the shaft. This makes it easy to transport it as well as storing it. This paddle comes in two colors, sage green, and orange.  

Why the Angular Scout makes it to our list.   

The Angular Scout has the right balance of weight and performance. It has a number of features, which makes it an excellent entry-level gear. But of course, advanced paddlers can also use it as well.  

Kerco Angler Pro. 


This two-piece kayak does not look like it can do much at first glance. But the Angler Pro from Kerco has a lot more to offer. Find out below.  


The fiberglass reinforced nylon blade and the carbon shaft make the Angler Pro the right balance between swing weight distribution and functionality. The shaft has an anti-slip design, which makes it great for amateur fishermen on the water.  

The blades have an upgraded design, which gives you excellent control, especially in the flatwater areas.

The integrated hook on the blade makes retrieval of a snagged line very effortless.

You can also make use of this large hook to grab something when you need to get out of a tight spot.  

The paddles are of considerable size, which gives excellent propulsion to your boat so you can get to the best fishing holes.

Using this paddle while standing up is also quite comfortable due to its size. Disassembling the paddles for travel or for storage is also straightforward. 

Another feature which you will love is the push button, which you can use for adjusting the angle of the blade between three positions.

Irrespective of your sitting height or the width of your boat, you will have no problem finding the perfect setting.  

The Angler Pro comes in a wide variety of colors that will satisfy even the fanciest kayaker. 

Why Kerco Angler Pro makes it to our list. 

This paddle is robust, lightweight, and quite sturdy. Apart from its stellar features, it also comes with a 12 months replacement guarantee, which is a great deal.   

Bending Branches Angler Pro. 


This is another fantastic paddle for fishing from Bending Branches. It is lightweight and has a number of features that make it a good contender for the best kayak fishing paddles for 2020.  


It has a multi-laminate fiberglass blade with a shaft that is made of carbon. This makes the Angler Ace Snap very lightweight, so you won’t have an issue during a day-long fishing trip at your favorite water body. 

The paddles are highly responsive in the water as well as your hands.

The blades provide maximum control to the paddler, so even beginners will have a lot of fun with this paddle.  

Maneuvering your boat in any direction is very effortless, so you can use this paddle in varied water surfaces and conditions.

The dihedral blade offers smooth and stable paddling with each stroke. Whether you love to fish or just engage in casual paddling, this paddle will make you smile.  

The shaft is another spectacular feature of this paddle. It has an oval outline, which makes gripping comfortable and relaxed. The 100% carbon also makes it extremely sturdy and durable as well.  

As you would expect from a Bending Branches paddle, the Angler Ace Pro comes with a shaft that has a measuring tape. 

This paddle performs so well, and it is not hard to see why it has been crowned the best fishing paddles multiple times. 

Why the Angler Ace Pro makes it to our list.  

The Angler Ace Pro is strong, lightweight, and offers excellent comfort, which is everything that defines a great fishing paddle. It takes multiple surfaces of the water at its stride, and we have no choice but to include it on our list.  

Accent Paddles Ultimate Angler. 

I was a bit torn when I saw the reviews on this one, to be very honest. But a good buddy, who is also a seasoned angler, recommended this to me.

Knowing his experience and his taste, I had to test it out before I arrived at my own conclusion. I was surprised!  


With a 100% carbon shaft and carbon-reinforced nylon, the Ultimate Angler is not only lightweight but smooth.

A unique feature of this paddle shaft is the oversized grips, which makes it comfortable to hold and also prevents fatigue as well.  

It can be adjusted between 240 cm to 260 cm using the proprietary kingpin connection system. You can also adjust the blade from 0 to 90 degrees, which makes them genuinely personalized.

It also makes the paddle suitable for paddlers of varying heights and widths of the kayak as well.  

You will also love the blade on this one. It is of a considerable size, which gives excellent water displacement and control to the paddler.

The dihedral blade makes every stroke smooth, stable, and maneuvering with this paddle is a breeze. 

Another feature that I loved is the in-laid tape measure on the shaft. I am all up for using one gear for a double purpose, so this is much appreciated.

It weighs 32 oz, which makes it lightweight yet functional.  

Why Accent Paddles Ultimate Angler made it to our list. 

Despite my initial concerns, I was floored with the performance of this paddle. It is adjustable and lightweight; the control it offers on the water is impressive and is very comfortable to use.

The Accent Paddles Ultimate Angler truly reflects the experience and the knowledge of the founders.  

Factors to consider while buying a fishing kayak paddle. 

Finding the right kayak paddle for fishing is not rocket science. But the right gear determines your catch result. So you do have to take some factors into consideration before making the decision to buy one.  

Length of the paddle. 

Determining the right length of the paddle will have a paramount effect on your overall experience. The right length of the paddle will give you more control and also prevent you from tiring easily. 

You will be pleased to know that it is quite easy to figure out the right length of the paddle.  

  • If you are below 152 cm in height and your boat is under 23 feet, a kayak paddle length of 210 is ideal. For boats over 32 feet, paddles having 240 cm is recommended. 
  • If you are between 152 cm and 168 cm in height and your boat is anywhere between 23 cm, and 28 cm, a paddle with 220 cm length is ideal. Bigger boats will require paddles that are 240 cm in length.  
  • If you are 182 cm or above, and your boat is from 23 feet to 32 feet, paddles that measure 220 cm to 240 cm are best. For boats that are 32 feet and above, a paddle with a length of 250 cm is recommended.  

For more details, click here.  

Materials of the paddle. 

Paddles are made from different materials, and this determines its weight as well as its performance and durability.

In most cases, the blades and the shaft are made of different materials but this does not affect the performance. The best kayak fishing paddles must be lightweight, durable, and reliable.  

Aluminum paddles tend to be on the heavier side, while plastic or polypropylenes are very affordable. Carbon fibers and fiberglass paddles tend to be a bit pricier, but they are lightweight, very robust, and are also durable.  

Paddles made of composite materials are also lightweight, secure, and durable, but they carry a premium price tag. 

Features of the paddle. 

As simple as it sounds, a kayak paddle can come with some fancy features which make it a top performer.

This can include everything from the shape of the blade and the shaft, integrated measuring tape, a hook for untangling snagged lines, drip rings and handle grips on the shaft.  

These features not only add convenience to the paddler but enhance the performance as well.  

Price of the paddle. 

The price of the paddles will be affected by factors including the features, materials used in the construction as well as the brand.  

However, all premium-priced paddles do not perform great and vice versa. In fact, some brands have produced excellent paddles for fishing without the burden of a premium price tag.  

The best tip is to consider what you like and need in a fishing paddle. Then look for a couple of options like the ones on our list of the best kayak fishing paddles for 2020.

Only after you have a piece of useful knowledge about the paddles and its features, decide which paddle to buy.  


I hope this has been helpful to you as you decide which paddle works best for your kayak. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below

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