field and stream kayak

Field and Stream Kayak |

Reading Time: 3 minutes Get the Best Kind of Field and Stream Kayak Field and Stream kayaks are a breed of their own. So you have decided to get a basic kayak but you are unsure which one to buy. While there are many, many options available to the hobbyist kayaker, the best choice for you may be a … Read more


Kayak Sails – Our Top 5 (Best 2020 Guide)

Reading Time: 12 minutes Top 5 Kayak Sails – Best 2020 Guide.  Kayak sails add a lot more fun to the kayaking experience. Lots of avid kayakers often think of sprucing up their rigs with extra gear to make their trips more enjoyable. Adding a kayak sail can elevate the experience on the water in an instant.  Kayaking is a water sport … Read more

best kayak under $400

Best Kayak Under $400 |

Reading Time: 3 minutes How to Find the Best Kayak Under $400 The best kayak under $400 is listed here! While you might think that the very best kayaks are the very expensive ones, that’s simply not true. In fact, most of them are quite affordable. In this article, I will reveal some tips on how to find the … Read more


Fishing Kayaks For Sea & Lake | BEST BUYING GUIDE

Reading Time: 21 minutes When it comes to kayaking, we want to make sure that you are fully prepared. That’s why we offer more than just product reviews. We offer complete guides for novice and new buyers, focusing on our favorite products and will also show you what to look for to help you make an informed buying decision. … Read more

best sit on top surf kayak

Best Sit-on-Top Surf Kayak |

Reading Time: 3 minutes Best Sit-On Top Surf Kayak – How To Select One In many ways, you can think of the best sit-on-top surf kayak as being the traditional sit-in surfboard. The biggest difference is that you have to actually paddle and stand up to actually get your waves on! Many surfers want to keep their sit-on-top surf … Read more


Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking Rash Guards

Reading Time: 8 minutes Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking Rash Guards. Kayaking is a popular paddle sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender. It’s pretty straightforward, and you don’t have to go through extensive training to start kayaking. However, if you’re just starting out, make sure that you adhere to the safety rules and regulations, … Read more

kayak guide accessories

Kayak Accessories Guide: What Every Beginner Needs

Reading Time: 15 minutes If you have been planning to go kayaking for the first time or have recently ventured into it, perhaps you might be looking for the best accessories to add to your rig. Of course, there is a wide selection on the market, but selecting the right ones can be a challenge. As any kayak veteran … Read more


5 Things You MUST HAVE to Start Kayaking Safely

Reading Time: 5 minutes Regardless of what led you to this article or what piqued your interest in kayaking, one of the first questions you’re going to ask yourself is: “What do I need to start kayaking?” a kayak (well, duh) kayak paddles (trust me, they help) personal safety flotation device (not optional) a safety whistle (who doesn’t love … Read more


Best Kayaks for Beginners – Which Type is Best?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Best kayaks for beginners is our topic today. During a lunchtime chat the other day, a coworker had patiently listened to me drone on about my love of kayaking. Having piqued his interest he asked, “What is the best type of kayak for a beginner?” It depends on the intended use but for most situations, … Read more