Why I Love the Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket for Kayaking

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Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket Review. 

I have been an avid kayaker for the better part of my life. To extol the benefits of this fantastic sport is something I do not shy away from. So it was not long that I decided to bring my canine pal on my adventures.  

In the beginning, I naturally had a lot of questions about the right gear and accessories for my fur baby. But with trial and a few errors, I have managed to whittle down the essentials, and now you will rarely see me paddling without my loyal friend.  

Among the mountain of gears that kayaking inherently requires, a PFD is a non-negotiable item for me as well as my dog. This seemingly mundane gear is a literal lifesaver.  

But how do you find that elusive perfect dog lifejacket for your companion? To help you narrow down your choices, I am reviewing the Utward Hound Granby Splash Dog Lifejacket in this post.  

Let’s begin.  

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Lifejacket Review. 

This dog lifejacket comes packed with features, and I elaborate on them below.  

Material and design.   

The material used in this dog lifejacket is a ripstop. For the uninitiated, this is a reinforced fabric that does not rip or tear easily. So in terms of robustness and durability, this canine lifejacket is a champ. The padding on the panels of the dog’s lifejacket is made of foam.  

This combination of ripstop material and foam renders the lifejacket very buoyant, which is an essential feature in a PFD. It facilitates the swimming ability of your dog, which adds an element of safety.  

However, I would not classify this dog lifejacket as the most lightweight. At 11.7 oz, it is by no means heavy, but it is not lightweight either. So you need to take that into consideration if you have a dog that cannot get enough of splashing around in the water.   

Straps and buckles used in the design of this dog lifejacket are also of good quality, which makes them sturdy. The velcro tabs on the underside of the lifejacket add functionality and a nice touch to the construction of this safety gear.  

The overall construction of the Utward Hound Granby dog lifejacket is solid and has a premium feel. This dog lifejacket has a low profile, so it will not weigh down your dog’s movements in the water.  

Safety features. 

A number of safety features incorporated into the design of this lifejacket make it a total winner.  

  • One, the dual grab handles are a fantastic way to catch and retrieve your dog from the water in case of an emergency, which is definitely a personal favorite. The grab handles also come in handy when you need to restrain your dog even without a leash.  

Of course, you can also put the lifejacket on your dog while it is still on a leash. This is an excellent option, especially if your dog is just getting used to boat launches and other maneuvers that come with kayaking.   

  • Two, chest straps and belly buckles keep your puppy securely strapped in so your pal can paddle, swim or play with utmost confidence. Taking off the lifejacket or putting it on the dog is also effortless due to the buckles and straps.  
  • Three, the neoprene belly band offers excellent support to the chest and stomach without making your dog feel uncomfortable or restricted while swimming or playing in the water.  
  • Four, a neck float on the front of the lifejacket keeps your dog’s face above the water. This is a rather small but thoughtful feature that makes all the difference when your dog is swimming in the water.  
  • Five, the Granby lifejacket for dogs is made of bright colors with reflective accents, which make it highly visible even from a reasonable distance. Visibility in the water is a crucial feature that you should consider in a lifejacket, and the Utward Hound Granby does not disappoint.  

Comfort and fit. 

You will love the fact that the materials keep the dog comfortable and do not restrict its movement, whether it is swimming or playing on land. Apart from the materials that are easy on the dog, the addition of adjustable buckles and straps also make it very comfortable.  

This dog lifejacket also comes in a wide range of sizes, which makes it very comfortable. Irrespective of the size or the weight of your dog, you will find the right size for it without any problem.  

However, if your canine pal is on the heavier side, you might need to order a size up than the one recommended on the size chart. You can use the adjustable straps on the side to secure the lifejacket, so don’t worry about the loose fit. You should also consider features such as a long torso and broad shoulders of your dog if you have a unique breed of dog as your kayaking companion.   


  • Easy grab handles for fast rescue 
  • Effortless to put on and take off  
  • Reflective panels offer high visibility  
  • Comes with a neck float  
  • Good quality materials  


  • Not very lightweight  
  • Sizing can run small  

Final thoughts.  

The Utward Hound Granby Splash dog lifejacket is an excellent option if you like taking your dog out for water activities such as kayaking. It has a number of safety features, including reflective panels and grabs handles, which offer excellent safety to the dog. The buoyancy provided by this lifejacket for dogs is also excellent.  

I wouldn’t say this is the best lifejacket if you have a working dog or a breed that loves nothing more than playing in the water for hours. The lifejacket is not the most lightweight, nor is it a perfect fit for larger dogs.  

However, for shorter occasions where buoyancy and visibility in the water are fundamental, this is an excellent lifejacket to consider for your canine companion. It also comes at an unbeatable price, which adds to its winning points.  

Check the price on Amazon.  

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