About Us

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Welcome to Kayak-101!

My wife and I started this blog after we fell in love with the hobby of kayaking.

I’ve talked about why I like kayaks better than canoes and how we keep kayaking fun and exciting for our six daughters.

There are some dangers to kayaking, especially if you aren’t using the essential gear that all kayakers need to stay safe.

I have shared along the way when we learned important things like how to take care of our kayaks and what we should and should not be wearing when we go kayaking.

I really like taking photographs from my kayak and wrote an article on how to take awesome pics from a kayak.

Throughout the winter, we have struggled with what to do until we can enjoy the warm weather again. We’re not big fans of winter kayaking although you can certainly have fun doing it. (There is a post we’re writing about Winter Kayaking though. I should be out soon.)

So I created a kayaking meme page for some fun through the winter.

We will continue posting helpful articles of things we learn along the way. Our 20 Common FAQs about kayaking for beginners is one example.

And we’ll always write reminders to wear your personal safety device., the best bug spray to keep the critters off and how to go kayaking with your dog.

I even got to show off my 1977 Jeep CJ7 in a post about how to transport your kayak.

So we hope you are enjoying your stay on our blog. We are thankful to have friends in the kayaking community and are happy to answer questions.

Ron & Lisa