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Lightest Sit on Top Kayak |

Reading Time: 2 minutes What Is The Lightest Sit On Top Kayak That You Can Find? There are a lot of different types of kayaks that people can choose from to help them get around their area, but what is the lightest sit on top kayak that you can find? the Sun Dolphin Aruba is the lightest sit on … Read more


Extreme Kayaking – Can Kayaking be Dangerous? 

Reading Time: 8 minutes Extreme Kayaking – Can Kayaking be Dangerous?  Extreme kayaking, as the name suggests, is quite different from recreational kayaking. It is typically referred to as a form of competitive sport where the kayakers paddle down rapid moving sections of the water.  That’s why they call them RAPIDS. In extreme kayaking, the steeper and punctuated the … Read more

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Kayak Accessories Guide: What Every Beginner Needs

Reading Time: 15 minutes If you have been planning to go kayaking for the first time or have recently ventured into it, perhaps you might be looking for the best accessories to add to your rig. Of course, there is a wide selection on the market, but selecting the right ones can be a challenge. As any kayak veteran … Read more