kayak sail kit

Kayak Sail – Adding a Kayak Sail Kit for More Fun

Reading Time: 7 minutes Kayaking is thrilling since it is not a contained environment. It can be utilized for a variety of activities, including fishing, exploring, sports, and sail kayaking. Everyone who has kayaked understands that the wind is nearly constantly present. Is it just me or does it seem like we are always paddling INTO the wind on … Read more

top 5 waterproof bluetooth speakers

Top 5 Waterproof Speakers of 2021: Kayaking Accessories You Need

Reading Time: 4 minutes Portable waterproof speakers of 2021: the best options for every budget Having a high-quality waterproof bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to music while keeping safe at the pool, in the shower, or on outdoor adventures LIKE KAYAKING. While all speakers provide some level of water and weather resistance, the dedicated water and weather-resistant choices … Read more

Best Kayak Cleaners

Best Kayak Cleaner (Inside & Outside) 162 Comments

Reading Time: < 1 minutes What Does Everyone Clean the Inside and Outside of their Kayak with? This was the simple post that garnered over 162 comments on a very popular kayak forum. Here’s the short version of all the recommendations: Pressure washer at the car wash (wash the truck & kayaks, twofer one!) Warm water, Dawn dish soap and … Read more

Kayak Shoes - Favorites from Paddlers

Kayaking Shoes – Fave’s from Paddlers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever had a pair of kayak shoes fall apart in one or two kayak trips? Me too. Here’s the suggestions for Best Kayak Shoes derived from a popular Facebook kayaking group that has over 20,000 members. No particular order, just sharing what the experienced have to say. Keen Newport H2 Sandal Water Shoe … Read more

Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog

Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog.  If you love your dog as much as I do mine, I am pretty sure that you love its company all the time. And what joy it is when you can take your canine friend while out for kayaking! The fun of kayaking is inevitably doubled with one … Read more

best kayak for 300 lb man

Best Kayak for 300lb Man | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 4 minutes What Is the Best Kayak For a 300lb Man? I can answer what is the best kayak for a 300 lb man because I am one. Kayaking for an overweight man can be a lot of fun, but there are some important tips and information that you need to know before attempting it. Here is … Read more

best whitewater sit on top kayak

Best Whitewater Sit On Top Kayak | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Is the Best Whitewater Sit On Top Kayak? Are you looking for the best whitewater Sit-On-Top Kayak? Well, your search is over! In this article, I will tell you what is the best whitewater Sit-On-Top kayak. For the best sit-on-top SURF kayak, read our article here. For those of you who always skip to … Read more

best sit on top kayak under $500

Best Sit-on-Top Kayak Under $500 | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to Choose the Best Sit on Top Kayak Under $500 If you are in the market for a good quality kayak and wish to save some money, you need to know the best sit on top kayak under $500. This article discusses the many different types of sit on top kayaks available. We will … Read more

best kayak for a large person

Best Kayak for Large Person | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes Best Kayak For Large Person The best kayak for a large person is one that enables freedom. Kayaking is a great activity for a large person. The boat provides a sense of freedom that can only be experienced on the open water. You can make the right balance between comfort and the ability to see, … Read more

Wetsuit or drysuit Buyer's Guide for 2020

Wetsuit or Drysuit for Winter Kayaking – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Reading Time: 9 minutes Have you been planning to go for kayaking? The threat of cold shock, frostbite, hypothermia, and drowning is real and tangible when the mercury starts dropping. Did you know that it is said that paddlers of any skill level should dress for immersion and not for success?   A wetsuit or a drysuit can mean the … Read more

best kayak fishing paddles 2020

Best Kayak Fishing Paddles for 2020 | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 14 minutes Best Kayak Fishing Paddles for 2020.  Kayak fishing paddles tend to be of different lengths, weights, and shapes. It is because kayaks used for fishing are on the more substantial and broader side than their counterparts.   Once you figure out which kayak is best, you can move on to paddles. The right paddle will allow you to access every … Read more

best surf kayak

Best Surf Kayak | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes Where to Go For the Best Surf Kayak Trip The best surf kayak can be found in many locations throughout the world. It depends on where you live and where you want to enjoy a great vacation. In this article, I will tell you what types of locations make the best surf kayak trips. If … Read more

best kayak for spearfishing

Best Kayak for Spearfishing | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tips For Buying a Kayak For Spearfishing The best kayak for spearfishing is what I will talk about in this article. My first recommendation would be something that would be light, have a large cockpit, and be comfortable to use. I have already published the best kayak fishing guide here. You should check that out … Read more

best portable kayak

Best Portable Kayak | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 2 minutes How to Find the Best Portable Kayak For Sale Finding the best portable kayak for purchase isn’t really that hard. You just need to know how to shop for one and what you should look for. Portable kayaks are great when it comes to portability. They don’t take up a lot of space and they … Read more

best sit in kayak under $300

Best Sit In Kayak Under $300 | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding the Best Sit-In Kayak Under $300 Finding the best sit-in kayak for under $300 was our mission. If you are a beginner who has not yet chosen a kayak, read our article on picking a kayak model first. Then see if you can find a used one to save some money. Because learning to … Read more