Best Kayak Cleaner (Inside & Outside) 162 Comments

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What Does Everyone Clean the Inside and Outside of their Kayak with?

This was the simple post that garnered over 162 comments on a very popular kayak forum.

Here’s the short version of all the recommendations:

  • Pressure washer at the car wash (wash the truck & kayaks, twofer one!)
  • Warm water, Dawn dish soap and a water hose
  • Dawn and water in a spray bottle. Once dried, wipe it down with a cloth soaked in WD-40.
  • My hand…and lake water…
  • Aerospace 303 (see on Amazon)
  • The outdoor deck type cleaner that attaches to the hose
  • Soap and water…then Aerospace 303.
  • Magic Eraser (see on Amazon)
  • Mr. Clean mixed with water (see on Amazon)
  • Spray Nine (see on Amazon)
  • Bleach water
  • Seawater
  • Simple Green diluted with water (see on Amazon)
  • Vinegar & water, then rinse with hose
  • Pressure washer
  • Ajax and sponge
  • Awesome Orange Cleaner (see on Amazon)
  • Kaboom cleaner (see on Amazon)

Most people commented that they either didn’t clean their kayak or didn’t know they should be cleaning their kayak.

In Idaho, we have to buy an Invasive Species permit sticker every year. If Parks and Rec don’t see it on your kayak when inspected on the water, you get a ticket.

Washing your kayaking between visiting different bodies of water can prevent the spread of invasive species that are not native to the water you will be paddling in.

Plus, kayaks can get pretty stinky in a hot garage when they aren’t wiped down after a trip.