Do I Have to Wear a Life Jacket While Kayaking?

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ve purchased your kayak and kayak life jacket and are ready to enjoy nature. One of your first questions will be: Do I have to wear a life jacket while kayaking? Federal law (US) states ages 13 and under must wear a kayak life jacket Over 13 and the kayak life jacket must be in … Read more

Kayak Fishing with your Dog

Kayak Fishing with Your Dog – 15 Helpful Tips

Reading Time: 7 minutes   Kayaking Fishing with Your Dog – 15 Helpful Tips. Is there an animal like a dog? Witty, playful, intelligent and fiercely loyal. They possess all these virtues that are lacking in some humans in today’s world. It is no wonder that these canine babies have been man’s companion since the dawn of time. As … Read more


6 Killer Tips for Awesome Kayaking Photographs

Reading Time: 8 minutes What are some tips and tricks to help me take better photographs from my kayak? Kayak motion. Anchor it for stabilization. Throw an anchor overboard or nest in some thick vegetation. Tie a rope to a rock if you have to but stop the drifting. Change the angles. Your kayak may be eye level with … Read more