what size kayak do i need

What Size Kayak Do I Need? | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Size Kayak Do I Need? There are several things to consider when buying a kayak. A kayak can be purchased in two different forms: sit-on-top or sit-in. For many people, buying a kayak is easier than buying a canoe, but this decision can be difficult if you don’t have the right information. What size … Read more

Tips on Buying a Kayak

Tips on Buying a Kayak | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 4 minutes What Are Tips on Buying a Kayak? What are tips on buying a kayak? With dozens of kayak rental companies out there and even more retail stores, it can be difficult to find the right kayak for you. So, to answer the question “what are tips on buying a kayak” it is best to first … Read more

best kayak fishing paddles 2020

Best Kayak Fishing Paddles for 2020 | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 14 minutes Best Kayak Fishing Paddles for 2020.  Kayak fishing paddles tend to be of different lengths, weights, and shapes. It is because kayaks used for fishing are on the more substantial and broader side than their counterparts.   Once you figure out which kayak is best, you can move on to paddles. The right paddle will allow you to access every … Read more

kayak paddle length

Kayak Paddle Length – What is the Best?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Which Kayak Paddle Length Is Right For You? Kayak paddle length is very important when you go kayaking. Choosing the wrong size can make it very hard to paddle. When you are planning to buy a kayak, consider buying a paddle length that is just right for you. Here’s a good beginner article. You can … Read more


Canoe Sprint – A Kayak Olympic Sport

Reading Time: 6 minutes Canoe Sprint – A Kayak Sport in the Olympic Games The Canoe Sprint is part of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are one of the most prestigious sporting events on the planet. Athletes train the better part of their lives for a minute or two of performance at the event that is watched by millions … Read more


Inuit Kayak – Ground Zero for Personal Watercraft

Reading Time: 6 minutes Inuit Kayak – Ground Zero for Personal Watercraft.  The traditional Inuit kayak is the precursor of the modern kayak. The earliest Inuit kayaks called “the hunter’s boat” are believed to be 4000 years old. The traditional Inuit kayak is also known by a number of names including:  umiak  umiaq anyak, among others.   The first known … Read more

best sit in kayak under $300

Best Sit In Kayak Under $300 | Kayak-101.com

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding the Best Sit-In Kayak Under $300 Finding the best sit-in kayak for under $300 was our mission. If you are a beginner who has not yet chosen a kayak, read our article on picking a kayak model first. Then see if you can find a used one to save some money. Because learning to … Read more


Night Kayaking – is kayaking at night illegal?”

Reading Time: 8 minutes Night Kayaking – Is kayaking at night illegal?    Night kayaking is an example of a nighttime activity that has an inherent charm that is completely different from daytime activities. Even a mundane act of walking can be more memorable when it is undertaken in the night.   And kayaking is no different. Night kayaking combines … Read more


Inflatable Kayak License – Do I Need One?

Reading Time: 3 minutes An inflatable kayak license is commonly up for discussion. Perhaps it is because many people don’t see them as a traditional kayak. Nevertheless, an inflatable kayak still falls under the same laws. Do I Need a License for an Inflatable Kayak?  Yes, a license is required to paddle an inflatable kayak on the waterways. If … Read more