The Dangers of Kayaking – Is Kayaking Safe ?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Kayaking is a wonderful sport and hobby but there are many dangers of kayaking. Dangers aside, there are many benefits to paddling a peaceful stream or lake. But like just about anything in life, there are dangers associated with it if you aren’t paying attention and following some basic rules. Today I’m going to list … Read more


The 4 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Kayak

Reading Time: 6 minutes You went kayaking with some friends and decided you like the sport. You went out and bought a nice new beautiful kayak. Now you are asking yourself “Self, how do I take care of this beautiful kayak?” Try to keep it indoors or covered if possible (direct sunlight will bleach colors and material, seats get … Read more


What Should I Wear and Not Wear When Kayaking?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What to wear when kayaking is a great question.  Wear comfortable, light-weight clothing that won’t suddenly weigh you down should you end up in the water. Shorts, t-shirts, and sandals are excellent kayaking clothes. Don’t forget your life jacket and a safety whistle! A good hat for shade is nice too. Bug spray repellant won’t … Read more


5 Things You MUST HAVE to Start Kayaking Safely

Reading Time: 5 minutes Regardless of what led you to this article or what piqued your interest in kayaking, one of the first questions you’re going to ask yourself is: “What do I need to start kayaking?” a kayak (well, duh) kayak paddles (trust me, they help) personal safety flotation device (not optional) a safety whistle (who doesn’t love … Read more