Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog

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Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog. 

If you love your dog as much as I do mine, I am pretty sure that you love its company all the time. And what joy it is when you can take your canine friend while out for kayaking! The fun of kayaking is inevitably doubled with one of nature’s most loyal companions by your side.  

But the thrill of kayaking can quickly turn nightmarish if you do not pack the right gear. The threat of sunburn, dehydration, hypothermia, and drowning can be real for the paddler. If you decide to go kayaking with your dog, the same situation applies.  

So, to give you a head start, here are the top things to take when kayaking with your dog.  

Let’s begin. 

Top 5 Things to Take when Kayaking with your Dog. 

  1. Food holder.  

As much as food is a necessity for us, it shouldn’t be any different for your dog. The best food holder for dogs keeps the food dry and can be secured to the kayak with minimal effort. 

The Wilderness Systems Kayak Konsole is a fantastic food holder that you should consider.  

It comes packed with features which include: 

  • Orbix locking hatch, which is the focal point of the console. It is about 8 inches and is the ideal place for storing your dog’s food dry and secured. This compartment features a dry seal, so you also use it to store electronics or water sensitive materials such as batteries.  
  • A pair of recess storage on the sides which serves as additional storage. It also doubles as rod holders or holding other accessories that you need constant access. 
  • Two cup holders of different sizes.  
  • The mesh pocket towards the back is an excellent option for holding your car keys or other accessories.  
  • The console is effortless to hook up to the cockpit, which is another fantastic feature. And of course, the dashboard is compatible with most recreational kayaks.  
  1. Dog diapers. 

As much as we love our puppies, having them take a dump in a kayak is not ideal. A dog diaper can be the best solution to this problem. A dog diaper can also be an excellent option for untrained puppies who suffer from uncontrolled bowel during excitement or in heat.  

These dog diapers from CuteBone are a great combination of functionality and great looks. Check out the features: 

  • The sewn-in diaper pad renders it highly absorbent so you won’t need an extra layer of sanitary pads.  
  • Velcro closures and adjustable elastic around the leg makes it comfortable and easy to use.  
  • The outer shell of these dog diapers is waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for water activities, aka, kayaking.  
  • Cleaning the diapers is effortless as they are machine washable. 
  • The diapers come in a pack of three and different sizes so you can get the right size for your puppy.  
  1. Dog Traction Pads. 

If your canine pet likes to kayak as mine does, you should definitely get a traction pad for him or her. Our furry friends can’t seem to get enough of sitting on the deck with the wind blowing on their faces.  

One of my personal favorites is this dog traction pads from PUNT SURF. This is an outstanding deck grip that can be customized to your unique preference.  

Take a look at its features: 

  • It is made of EVA foam with a diamond groove. The marine-grade foam is ultra-light, so you don’t have to worry about adding weight to your watercraft.  
  • The excellent grip comes from the 3M adhesive. Stick the pads to the deck of your kayak or SUP, and it will stay put comfortably for a couple of years.  
  • You can trim the pads to fit the size of your deck. 
  • The peel and stick feature make it effortless to use this traction pads.  
  1. Dog lifejacket. 

A PFD is the single most important gear that you can take with you while kayaking. This seemingly small accessory can be a lifesaver both for the paddler as well as the dog. Because the water holds an undeniable charm for our furry babies, you can let them swim in the water when they are wearing a lifejacket.  

Check out this dog lifejacket from Outward Hound Granby and its features:  

  • It is made of ripstop material, so it provides optimum comfort while keeping the dog buoyant. Your puppy will have no problem walking on land or swimming in the water. 
  • A neck float is an excellent addition that keeps the dog’s head above the water. 
  • The neoprene belly band holds the belly and the chest securely without constriction so your dog will be most comfortable.  
  • The dual grab handles on this lifejacket make it easy to grab your dog in case of emergencies. 
  • This dog lifejacket comes in different sizes, so you will have no problems with fit and size.  
  1. Floating toys. 

Irrespective of where they are, it is natural for a dog to become restless. But there is one thing that is guaranteed to get their heart racing – playing fetch! Few dogs can resist the urge to stay put when they see a toy flying past their periphery.  

Check out this pair of dog toys from the Chuckit Store. For a simple throw and fetch toy, it is packed with features which are: 

  • It is made of a blend of EVA foam, rubber, and nylon. This makes the toy resistant to aggressive chewing but is soft and easy on the gums and teeth of the dog. The materials also make this toy buoyant in the water.  
  • The non-slip rope that is knotted on one end facilitates a secure grip so you can aim your throw with precision.  
  • You will also love the fact that this toy is straightforward when it comes to cleaning.  
  • The selection of bright and fluorescent colors also adds an element of convenience while using it in the water. 


The right gears are paramount when it comes to getting the best out of kayaking experience. It applies to both the paddler as well as the dog.  

Feel free to add or customize the accessories on my top five things to take when kayaking with your dog according to your fur baby’s needs.